Our Shared Priority: End Youth Homelessness

Data confirms that homelessness is a condition that impacts people of color and other minorities a a much higher rate than their representation in the population. Working towards racial equity is an essential part of the mission and values of EDEN, Inc., and our organization strives to promote racial equity, both among staff and among those we serve.

We are working with Frontline Service (FLS) and the YWCA to lead the initiative to reduce the overrepresentation of youth of color in the homeless system and end youth homeless by the end of 2021.

EDEN has been participating in a Race Equity Design Lab around youth/young adult homelessness since July, 2017.

Along with our partners, YWCA of Greater Cleveland and FrontLine Service (FLS), we have been developing strategies to understand and address inequities that exist in our work. In 2018, we launched an anonymous agency wide survey and asked both our young adult clients and our staff to reply. We reviewed the responses along with our partner agencies in order to design the framework for us to implement improvements and modify our practices where necessary.

Our shared goal is to reduce the over-representation of youth of color in the homeless system and end youth homelessness by the end of 2021. We invite you to assist us in this worthy goal.

Lorain County Getting
Its First Permanent Supportive Housing Facility

Excerpt from THE CHRONICLE; click here for the full article

Construction on a permanent supportive housing facility is moving forward at East Bridge Street and East River Street.

There will be 62 units in the three-floor complex to house people who are homeless, have a disabling condition of mental illness, substance abuse, developmental disability or physical health issues. On-site social services will be available.

The project has been in the works since at least 2017. It is headed up by PIRHL Development and EDEN, both of which specialize in affordable housing.

EDEN Inc. has agreed to provide permanent supportive housing at this location for the next 30 years.


COVID-19 UPDATEAt EDEN, we’re continually monitoring developing news of the spread of COVID-19, so that we can make necessary adjustments to our activities. Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients, staff, and partners. EDEN’s COVID-19 task force is meeting continually to review updated recommendations, and strategize how best to maintain our programs and services while prioritizing the health and safety of our clients, staff, and partners. We will continue to communicate any changes we make as quickly as we can.

We are accepting visitors at EDEN’s headquarters by appointment only. If you need to speak with someone at EDEN, please call our main line 216-961-9690 and advise the receptionist on the reason for your call and to whom you need to speak.  They will route you to the appropriate person.  If there is no answer, please leave a message and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Please be patient as the call volume will be elevated at this time due to COVID restrictions.

Visitors are required to follow standard protective protocols: wear a mask, engage in social distancing, and wash hands frequently.

Click here for more information about how EDEN is responding to the pandemic and how you can keep you and your family safe and healthy.

A Letter from EDEN’s Executive Director

Dear Friends of EDEN:

I hope this finds you well during this incredibly difficult time.

As I reflect upon the year in order to draft this annual message, January of 2020 seems like a lifetime ago.

Beginning in March, EDEN’s daily operations underwent a whirlwind of change, from workplace locations, to staff responsibilities, to COVID
protocols, to methods of service delivery, but through it all, our staff has risen to each challenge with ingenuity, resilience, fortitude, and unwavering dedication to EDEN’s mission, and for that I am deeply grateful. These unprecedented times have required adaptability and flexibility from each and every member of the EDEN team, and I am beyond proud to work with so many incredible people, and tremendously thankful for their willingness to take everything in stride. EDEN staff have truly been unsung heroes in our region’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the year, we have been and will continue making diligent, informed decisions around COVID-19, maintaining constant contact with our participants, community partners, and funders in the process. 

Sudden changes in our society due to the global pandemic have made many more people vulnerable than ever before. Amid an unprecedented public health and economic crisis, EDEN has increased the housing options and related supports for Cuyahoga County’s at-risk populations, and we have delivered these vital services to the greatest number of households in the history of our agency. Like health care workers, first responders, grocery workers, and more, EDEN staff are essential workers during COVID-19 and beyond. Housing is always essential.

But while EDEN has stepped up to address a massive surge in demand for safety net services, meeting this challenge has resulted in unexpected costs and revenue reduction. For example, we could not celebrate the critically-important work we do with you at our Annual Event, this year, which raises vital operating support for our programs and services.

Your support of this year’s Annual Fund Appeal will enable us to continue to maintain and innovate our operations, and buffer against some of the most serious health, economic, and social consequences of the pandemic for our community through the foundational provision of a place to call home for our neighbors in need. 

As EDEN embarks upon its 30th Anniversary Year, I can affirm that EDEN is uniquely prepared to help our community navigate through both the immediate response to COVID-19 and the long-term rebuilding process that will follow.

While we may not know the depth of the challenges in front of us, I know that we are at our best when working together. We would be honored and grateful to partner with you in the essential work of providing housing—and achieving a healthier, stronger, and more equitable community for all.

Please accept my wishes for a peaceful and healthy season, and brighter days in 2021, for you and your loved ones.


Elaine Gimmel
Executive Director


We are expanding our foundation and our footprint


Expand Programs…to as many people as possible

Expand Housing…by increasing the number of available units in diverse geographic areas

Expand Our Commitment…to combat and eradicate homelessness

In 2020 we served….


EDEN’s mission is to provide housing solutions to people facing the challenges of housing insecurities and homelessness.


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