Critically Important Advocacy and Action Alert!

Drastic changes were made to the state budget through the Omnibus Amendment in the State Senate. As a result, the Ohio Housing Trust Fund is in great jeopardy.

We need your help TODAY in reaching out to your house and senate members! Please ask them to support the House version of the Housing Trust Fund language, and not the Senate version.

The current budget contains the proposal to cut Trust Fund revenues in half and redistribute the other half to newly-created county entities that lack housing experience and coordination.

EDEN and other low income housing organizations depend upon Ohio Housing Trust Fund dollars to continue to provide quality, affordable housing with support services, designed to end homelessness for individuals—and their families—that are suffering from disabilities. EDEN was approved for nearly $2.3 million in funding for 2015 and 2016, which enables us to provide 24-hour staffing and security to our Permanent Supportive Housing buildings.  As a result, many of our community’s most vulnerable members have a place to call home and the support necessary to re-build their lives, in a highly cost-effective way.

Please join us in telling legislators to remove the Omnibus Amendment to H.B. 64!

If the amendment makes it through the legislative process, it will go into effect July 1st. The state will have only half of the money it currently administers, so unless this change is rejected, all organizations currently funded with Ohio Housing Trust Fund dollars will see dramatic reductions without any clear access to local funds.

Here are the contact lists for the Ohio House of Representatives ( and the Ohio Senate

Please call or email your state representatives as soon as you can TODAY, to ask them to support the language in the House version of the budget regarding the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

We ask that you continue these calls into next week while the conference committee meets to iron out differences in the House and Senate versions of the budget!

Remember that drastic changes to the Ohio Housing Trust Fund will begin July 1. Please act now.

At the heart of each of EDEN’s activities is its emphasis on the interdependence of all facets of our community. We remain unwavering in our commitment to helping people access a basic human right—safe and stable housing–but understand that the ultimate success of this effort depends, in large part, on building partnerships with fellow community members that share our desire to combat and eradicate homelessness.  Thank you for your support!