Samaar was born in Akron, OH, and was raised by his paternal grandparents, because his parents were young teenagers when he was born. He was the youngest in a house filled with many children. His grandfather died when Samaar was only fourteen, and by that time, many of his aunts and uncles had already moved out, so he quickly got a full-time job to help his grandmother out with bills. “I had to become the man of the house,” he recalled. He also began drinking to cope with stress. He immediately enrolled in the Marines from high school, and lived in Florida and a few other cities.

After he left the marines, Samaar worked at a number of jobs, but also suffered from great anxiety due to a number of events that happened in his life. Samaar stated that he used alcohol to cope. He found himself homeless, and lived on the streets and in and out of the men’s shelter. He recalled hearing about Permanent Supportive Housing from a veteran representative at the Bishop Cosgrove Center, and interviewed for a placement. He then forgot all about it until a persistent street outreach worker found him living in the streets, and told him there was a place for him. Once living at The Liberty, he sought treatment for his alcohol addiction and has been sober since April 6, 2016.  Samarr’s motto has been “When I’m stress-free, I can work on ME”.

Samaar stated that he loves his apartment, but also is working on the goal of moving out and into his own place now that he feels he has the tools for independent living. “If you want to change, being here will help you become a better person.”  When asked about the staff and living in supportive housing, Samaar emphatically stated:  “The staff here have elped me so much, PSH is great and works IF you take advantage of the services.” When asked how PSH has improved his life, he said “It changed me and made me a person; I’m somebody now.”

EDEN wishes Samaar continued success in working to achieve his life goals.