That’s why we’re weathering this crisis at EDEN every single day to provide housing solutions to those facing homelessness and housing insecurity.

We need your help to stay the course and meet the increasing demand for our services – now more than ever.

In the month of March alone:

  • We moved 15 formerly chronically homeless residents, who traditionally experience the most significant barriers to housing, into permanent supportive housing buildings.
  • We housed a total of 50 households (28 families, 14 single adults, and 8 single youth) through Rapid Re-Housing.
  • We housed one family, one single young adult, and one single adult directly from shelter into a unit with a permanent housing voucher.
  • We transitioned six families from a temporary housing program to a permanent housing program due to their vulnerability and need for additional assistance to avoid re-entering homelessness.
  • We assisted 12 households with one-time assistance for a security deposit and/or first month’s rent in order to get them into a permanent unit.
  • We assisted 14 families with funds to help with utility bills, back rent due, application fees and security deposits.
  • We assisted two young adults with security deposits to move in to new units and one with assistance with back rent so they did not return to shelter.
  • We completed orientations with 11 new clients approved for a permanent housing voucher.

We serve over 4,000 households every year, and we’ve never stopped working to provide housing solutions to those facing homelessness and housing insecurity. But the needs are ongoing, and increasing – and we need your support to continue meeting them.

An EDEN client was staying in shelter with her children. Though EDEN stability specialists had been working with her on her housing plan and preferences for months, the units she initially selected did not pass EDEN’s inspections process. As the seriousness of COVID-19 grew, she became increasingly concerned about the health and safety of her family, and was eager to secure a place for them to live safely together. The stability specialists focused tremendous effort on helping her locate and secure an appropriate residence – and, after expediting her final Request for Lease Approval, she and her children moved into their new home. Securing safe and stable housing and providing support through the process, even during a pandemic – that’s what we call success, every day.

One of EDEN’s properties in Cleveland