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EDEN, Inc. is a private, nonprofit housing development agency designed to increase the number of decent and affordable housing units available in Cuyahoga County. We oversee housing assistance programs that administer rental assistance funds directly to landlords. These subsidies expand housing opportunities for people in need, and help landlords fill vacancies.

Throughout the years, EDEN has established an excellent record of paying rents on-time, and responding to landlords’ calls and questions. We welcome the opportunity to invite new landlords to participate in our rental subsidy programs. Rents are based on EDEN’s Fair Market Rate guidelines, property location, property condition and amenities.

Message to EDEN Landlords re: Operations During COVID-19 Spread

March 18, 2020

Dear EDEN Landlords,

Thank you very much for your partnership and working with our subsidy programs.  With the ever-changing information and directives regarding COVID-19, I’d like to update you on EDEN’s operations.

Key points:

  1. We are open and will remain operational as long as possible.
  2. Essential functions will continue. At this time, we are not anticipating any delays in making timely landlord payments on behalf of our clients but will let you know if that changes.
  3. We are no longer accepting visitors at EDEN’s headquarters. In an effort to protect our participants, employees and partners we are taking measures to minimize the spread of the corona virus, which includes no longer meeting face to face with landlords at this time. Contact us via phone and email.
  4. If you normally come into HQ to pick up your check, we are encouraging you to sign up for direct deposit.  Please find the form attached here.  You can email the completed form to Mary Hill ( or Lynn Walsh (
  5. Inspections are limited to only emergency and initials for the time being

If our headquarters were to close, we will still remain open and available as we can continue major operations remotely.  Our programs are funded by HUD and other partners so we hope we will continue to be able to make HAP payments over the next months and into the future.

We do not yet know how long this will be in place, but in the meantime, we are going to be working on releasing HAPs for any failed units for non-emergency or life threatening reasons in order to help keep people housed.  Additionally, we will continue HAP payments after they expire (so long as the household is still in the unit) due to missed or skipped inspections. We will resume regular, rescheduled, and annual inspections at a later time.

If you have any questions or concerns about your HAP, the program, or your tenants, please contact us via email or phone.  If you phone, please leave a message so we can get your call returned quickly.

Thanks again for your support of EDEN programs and participants.  We will continue to be housing people during this time, especially so people can reside in place and maintain social distancing, so if you have any units available please let our staff know so we can help you get vacant units filled. We appreciate your partnership during these challenging times.

Thank you,

EDEN Staff

2020 Landlord Forums

Please note: due to efforts to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, all landlord forums through June 2020 have been postponed. Please check back in the coming weeks and months for more information.

During these informational sessions, we will focus on the Temporary Rental Assistance Programs or the Permanent Voucher Programs, providing program details and information regarding the moving process from start to finish, advertising available units with EDEN, and more. Please join us if you want to learn more about EDEN and the process of renting to our clients. Landlords, owners, and property management and realty companies are all welcome to attend!

Temporary Rental Assistance Programs

  • Wednesday, February 12th at 4pm  POSTPONED
  • Wednesday, April 8th at 4pm  POSTPONED
  • Wednesday, June 10th at 4pm  POSTPONED
  • Wednesday, August 12th at 4pm
  • Wednesday, October 7th at 4pm
  • Wednesday, December 2nd at 4pm

Permanent Voucher Programs

  • Wednesday, February 26th at 4pm  POSTPONED
  • Wednesday, April 22nd at 4pm  POSTPONED
  • Wednesday, June 24th at 4pm  POSTPONED
  • Wednesday, August 26th at 4pm
  • Wednesday, October 21st at 4pm
  • Wednesday, December 16th at 4pm

Location of Forums:

1976 W. 79th Street* (Emerald Commons)
*Directly across the street from EDEN headquarters

RSVP Here for the Landlord Forum


    Landlord Downloads

    Following, are some helpful resources and important information for our landlords.

    Never rented with us before?

    This packet provides details and info you need to get started.

    PDF Download

    Utility Allowance

    2020 utility allowance and Fair Market Rent rates

    PDF Download

    Have Questions?

    Here are the most frequently asked questions

    PDF Download

    The following are active PDF documents which allow for electronic completion and submission.  Please complete and submit electronically.  Please note: once document is complete, you must click ‘submit’ and follow all prompts in order for document to be submitted.  If you are using an internet based email account (Google, Yahoo, etc.) you can save the completed PDF to your computer and send the document as an email attachment.

    Direct Deposits

    Receive your rent via Direct Deposit

    PDF Download

    Change of Ownership

    Complete when there is a change in ownership or management.

    PDF Download

    Rent Increase Request:

    Must submit 45 days before effective date
    *Can be requested once, annually.

    PDF Download

    Housing Quality Standards:

    Minimum requirements for inspection

    PDF Download

    The Ten Most Commonly Asked Questions About Evictions:

    PDF Download

    Sample Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract:

    PDF Download

    Landlord Disclosure Form:

    PDF Download

    Change of Payee/Owner Form:

    PDF Download
    To ensure accuracy, the following documents provide instruction on how to complete the W9 Form required of all new Landlords/Owners. The first file is the W9 packet.  The second file is a completed sample W9.  The third file provides step-by-step instructions to correctly complete the W9.