Karen is a quiet, soft-spoken woman. She lived in EDEN’s permanent supportive complex Greenbridge Commons for 7 years, and recently moved into a smaller, one-level ranch complex also owned by EDEN, which is now a better setting due to her decreased mobility. Karen tells us she enrolled in the Marines after graduating from high school at John Hay in East Cleveland. She served time in the Vietnam War from 1970-1975.

Karen had a case manager through Veterans Affairs named Daryl, whom she credits with assisting her in moving into supportive housing seven years ago. She says PSH is good because “it gives people a chance to settle in somewhere and be on their own, but you have access to other people if you need them.” She enjoyed the group activities and events offered at Greenbridge, and is looking forward to meeting her new neighbors at events at Northridge. She said she has been able to think more and plan for the future, and make goals, thanks to the supportive housing model.

Karen's Residence