Mia and her daughter Maliyah have been residents in EDEN Scattered Site Housing for the past three years. They live independently in their own apartment, and receive rental assistance and related services from EDEN.

Mia relayed that it has been a long road to roam for her and her daughter. She struggled to find decent paying employment because she had not finished high school, and her stress was compounded when she became a parent. Mia went to Hitchcock Home for Women to get help addressing some bad habits she had formed, and then spent time at Laura’s Home. Finally, with EDEN housing, and a good support system in place, Mia and Maliyah were able to achieve independence and move into their own home.

Mia is working full-time and taking classes on-line to get her high school diploma. Once she accomplishes this goal, she hopes to attend Tri-C or another educational institution and complete a program in the medical field. When asked what she would say to others who struggle with homelessness she said “Our decisions and choices put us where we are.” Mia said it is best to make a plan, look at the long-term, and figure out what you need to do to not only secure housing, but maintain it. Mia credited EDEN’s Scattered Site Property Manager, Tabitha, with helping her to “put my priorities in perspective” for the past three years.

Maliyah is starting school this week, and is excited to begin the 8th grade.

All of us at EDEN wish Mia continued success, and hope Maliyah has a wonderful school year!