Following an eviction in 2013, Tanisha and her daughter, who was then less than two years old, found themselves homeless. She recalls sleeping on floors with her baby girl, and not knowing where to turn. Tanisha heard of the social services agency, Murtis Taylor, and went seeking guidance and was matched with a case manager. She remained homeless, but never gave up hope, and was approved for housing through EDEN in April 2014. Tanisha loved the 2 bedroom she and her daughter moved into, and things were looking up. She was working, enrolled to finish her GED, and her daughter now had a comfortable bed and was attending a daycare in a loving environment.

In 2015, Tanisha received a distressing phone call. Her sister’s children would be placed in foster care if no family member could care for them. Tanisha felt it was her duty to take in her nieces and nephews. She quickly went from caring for one child, to five. Tanisha notified EDEN’s Lead Scattered Site Property Manager about her situation. “I love Tabitha, she is such a sweetheart!”, Tanisha recalled, when telling us about that phone call. Tanisha’s two bedroom no longer felt so big, and she was put on a waiting list for a larger unit.

When asked what advice she would give to others facing homelessness, Tanisha said “Don’t give up…Everyone has a story to tell, don’t shut yourself down, open up, swallow your pride and ask for help.”

Just this week, Tanisha received the keys to a larger rental property that will provide adequate room for her and the children, including a yard for them to safely play. Tabitha tells us Tanisha and the kids ran around their new home, squealing with joy and hugging her. “That’s the best part of my job,” said Tabitha.

EDEN is happy to be able to help Tanisha be the mother, aunt, and guardian she works so hard to be. We wish her continued success, and hope the kids have a wonderful new school year—with lots of room to spread out their books and do their homework!