Marie met her husband, Robert, in 1995 and they were married later that year. After Robert fell at work, breaking his ribs and back, he struggled to heal and find stable work, and subsequently turned to drinking. Sober but homeless, Robert and Marie spent time living with Robert’s AA sponsor and then staying with family. Robert diligently followed the AA program, and the happy couple had 2 sons, Ken and Richie.  Richie was diagnosed with a form of autism at an early age and required assistance, so Marie could not work. Needing stable housing for themselves and two boys was difficult, and although they were approved for an EDEN program, they were on a waiting list before they could get housing.

In 2006, the family was able to move into an apartment with the help of EDEN. In 2009, the family moved into in a single-family ranch home. In 2010, Robert’s infant grandson, AJ, arrived to live with Robert, Marie, and the boys.

Sadly, Robert passed away in April, one month after a cancer diagnosis. With the assistance of EDEN’s Lead Scattered Site Property Manager, Tabitha, Marie was able to remain in her home with the 3 boys. Marie recounted, “Tabitha went out of her way to help me after my husband’s death, so that we could stay in stable housing”. When asked if she has advice for other families struggling with housing stability Marie stated, “When you have an opportunity, make the best of it….Once you get a permanent place, do whatever you need to do to maintain it.”

When asked about her goals, Marie stated that she is still in the process of adjusting from her husband’s death. She has a counselor who is helping her with her grief, and she plans to continue therapy, set up a schedule of chores for the house, and ask the boys for help when she needs it.

Marie says parents should “Do what needs to be done for your children”, and that is what she has always done, even when it has been very hard. Marie always wanted a single-family house so her boys could have their own yard. “Living in this house is such a blessing,” she affirmed.

EDEN is happy that Marie and her boys continue to maintain the loving home that they so cherish, and hopes the boys enjoy a wonderful school year!