Eric is a Clevelander born and raised and has worked at EDEN for 2 years. He is licensed in real estate and has been working as an agent for 16 years. We are not sure how he does it, but Eric manages to work full-time, and still dabble in real estate on the side! Eric works as an EDEN housing locator with veteran who are part of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program.  Clients eligible for assistance through SSVF are referred to EDEN after they have been interviewed and assessed at Central Intake. Once Eric receives word that potential clients are in need of housing, he might meet with them at the Veterans Domiciliary, The City Mission, or one of the shelters.

Eric stated that the main challenge in his line of work is finding the availability of private landlords with affordable, safe housing. There are also challenges finding landlords willing to work with clients who have barriers such as past evictions, low income, and gaps in employment.

Eric affirmed that it can take a while for the clients he serves to build up trust with him, because they have often had promises to broken to them in the past. He says “The rewarding aspect is knowing that you have made a positive impact on someone’s life when they secure a place they can truly call home. I let them know that there is a difference between where you are now and the next chapter in life, and that they are in control of writing their story from that point.”

He reflects how he will see past clients in the grocery store, or walking in the neighborhood, and they will stop him to say thank you.

EDEN is thankful for Eric—and all of his colleagues—for their hard work and dedication to our mission which is “to provide housing solutions to people facing the challenges of housing insecurities and homelessness.”