We are incredibly grateful for local business Cleveland Menu, who generously donated 200 face shields to EDEN in order to help us protect the health and safety of our staff and those with whom we work!

Since 1930, Cleveland Menu has been specialized in high-quality, handcrafted menus composed of diverse materials, including leather, copper, aluminum, and wood. But they’ve also managed to adapt their manufacturing capabilities in response to the enormous need for supplies caused by the spread of COVID-19, producing face shields, social distancing floor decals, back-of-house safety posters, and disposable and sanitizable menus. Please head to their Web site to learn more about the incredible work they do – and be sure to check out their store if you or your organization are in need of face shields for kids and adults, dividers, or floor decals.

According to Pat Ramella of Cleveland Menu, “We are truly happy to support a Cleveland company, in particular a non-profit that supports the Northeast Ohio community.  Cleveland Menu has been located in downtown Cleveland for 90 consecutive years since our founding in 1930, and we take a ton of pride in being a family-operated business in the heart of Cleveland.”

Thank you, Cleveland Menu! We cannot do the work we do to provide housing solutions to those facing homelessness and housing insecurity without the help and support of our partners – now more than ever.

Jim and Pat Ramella of Cleveland Menu donated and delivered face shields that are produced by their company, here in Cleveland, for EDEN staff. The donation was facilitated by EDEN Board Member Jon Petrus.