As COVID-19 spreads, and the ripples of its effects are felt in every facet of daily life, we have never stopped working to provide housing solutions to those facing homelessness and housing insecurity in our community. In fact, we see firsthand that the need is greater than ever – and we are working harder than ever to meet it.

We’re depending on you for help to stay the course and meet the increasing demand for our services.

In the month of April alone:

  • We moved seven formerly chronically homeless residents, who traditionally experience the most significant barriers to housing, into permanent supportive housing buildings.
  • We housed a total of 45 households from shelter (27 families, 17 single adults and one single youth).
  • We are currently providing 328 households with temporary rental assistance.
  • We housed one family and three single adults directly from shelter into a unit with a permanent housing voucher.
  • We transitioned five families from a temporary housing program to a permanent housing program due to their vulnerability and need for additional assistance to avoid re-entering homelessness.
  • We housed five clients returning to the community from prison.
  • We assisted 10 households with one-time assistance for a security deposit and/or first month’s rent in order to get them into a permanent unit.
  • We assisted six families with utility bills, back rent due, application fees and security deposits.
  • We assisted one young adult with a security deposit to move in to a new unit and one with assistance with back rent so they did not return to shelter.
  • We completed orientations with 10 new clients approved for a permanent housing voucher.
  • We assisted our first group of clients with OHFA Funds, relieving six households of back rent that was due and catching them up to current using Emergency Rental Payments.

We serve over 4,000 households every year, and we’ve never stopped working to provide housing solutions to those facing homelessness and housing insecurity. But the needs are ongoing, and increasing – and we need your support to continue meeting them.


“EDEN has wonderful program[s] for people like myself, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.” – EDEN client

A client and her two children have become the first family to receive a housing voucher after being placed on the wait list for EDEN’s Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program! The client is gaining stability and security for herself and her children, and is now better able to move forward in her chosen career. Supporting families in securing their new homes, even during a pandemic – that’s what we call success, every day.

One of EDEN’s properties in Cleveland