Recently, some of EDEN’s staff drove right past the main office on Madison Ave., even though they have worked there for years. The building looks so different, it has taken us all a moment to get used to our upgraded and inviting new look!

Last year, EDEN, introduced a new agency logo and tagline. This year, the organization was able to greatly improve its “physical first impression,” by updating the façade of its headquarters building.  Despite construction-related noise and dust, the renovation was highly anticipated by staff. Richard Carr, Director of Construction and Facilities, was one of the staff members most interested in seeing this project finally come to fruition.

This project was in the planning stages for 4 years prior to construction and ultimate completion. EDEN, Inc. is so thankful to the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO), and the City of Cleveland storefront renovation program, for providing funds to renovate the building façade.
The Storefront Program dictated the design of both the façade and signage for the building. City of Cleveland and DSCDO staff worked with EDEN on both design and cost factors, to improve upon the facility, which was previously Summers Rubber Stamp Factory.

The funding for the project came from both EDEN and the City Storefront program. Construction for the façade was executed by Sander Contracting, and the signage was produced by Fast Signs. Once the pre-requisite building permits were secured, this project took about 10 weeks to complete.

EDEN’s Executive Director, Elaine Gimmel, stated that EDEN’s Board of Directors, DSDCO and Richard Carr were instrumental is seeing this project through to completion.
Have you driven past and checked out our “curb appeal,” yet?