Please click here for the identifiers of the 600 persons who have been randomly selected for the Mainstream Waitlist. (Recall that each applicant was asked to create an identifier based on instructions in the application, and to write their identifier down for future reference.) Please note that if you are on the waitlist, you will receive official correspondence from EDEN. Even if you see your identifier on the list, you are not on the list unless you receive a letter from EDEN.  This correspondence is being mailed to the address identified on the Pre-Application.

There are some duplicate identifiers on the list; again, you will know that you are on the waitlist when you receive official correspondence from EDEN. Also, some submissions did not provide the correct format for the identifier; for those people, a new identifier was created based on the content provided, and is listed here.

If you believe you are on or might be on the waitlist, but do not receive a letter by 1/22/2020, please contact our office via email at or call 216-961-9690 extension  231 and ask for Patricia Page. Please leave a voicemail.